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Cowdroy History

H.M. Cowdroy Pty Ltd is a history making company that was first formed in 1890 as an advertising agency. Since that time H.M. Cowdroy has created history a number of times by producing many FIRSTS in several fields of endeavour. These include, the first illustrated advertisement in the Sydney Morning Herald and the WORLD'S FIRST sliding glass aluminium track, the latter being an invention that changed the direction of the company and put it on the fast track to leadership in the Australian Hardware Industry. Both of these firsts continue to play an extremely large part in today's life.

H.M. Cowdroy's other major inventions include the highly successful ball bearing sliding glass track, a sashless sliding window and a sliding door track system featuring ball bearings on a top race section, which was patented and sold under manufacturing licence around the world.

H.M. Cowdroy also produced the Starline Showcase. This innovative, ahead-of-it's-time aluminium and glass design was a major breakthrough and was an instant success in the shopfitting market. As a direct result of the success of the Starline Showcase, Cowdroys decided to create a special division, within the company, to manufacture and supply products specifically to service the shopfitting industry. This division remains a force in the market today.

In 1984, after outgrowing the original 2 premises in Sydney City and Balgowlah, H.M. Cowdroy Pty. Ltd. purchased new premises on 1.4 hectares at Smithfield to cater for both business and technological expansion. Throughout the most recent years H.M. Cowdroy have undergone many changes to ensure that market demands and consumer requirements are being adequately serviced.

H.M. Cowdroy Pty. Ltd. has always placed its emphasis on the design and development of new products according to market demands. Independent design, research and development has, and always will be, an ongoing issue at Cowdroy's to ensure the continuation of new and exciting products. H.M. Cowdroy Pty. Ltd. has maintained the highest standard in the design and manufacture of its products throughout the past century and will continue to maintain that excellence in the future.