Cowdroy Products Ltd is the manufactuer of Cavity Door Pockets. We do a full range of standard pockets as well as custom made specials, anything from a 70mm stud right up to a 190mm stud. Our pockets come to you fully assembled to save time and make installation effortless. We can also supply and fit standard and special doors, you can even drop your own door off to us to be fitted into a cavity. Cavity Pockets are a great way to save space in a house and also eliminate any slamming doors when a breeze blows through. 

All our cavities come with removable head jambs for ease of access to the top of the door for adjustments. Below is a list of the most common available options. If what you are after is not listed, please make an enquiry below.

Where there is a need for a cavity slider to be fitted into a 3 inch wall, the Cowdroy Products Ltd 70mm Optimiser™ cavity unit is the perfect choice. With all the functionality of a standard 90mm cavity slider, you will be able to retain the existing wall thickness in keeping with the design of your home.These units are supplied with pine flat or grooved jambs to suit 10 or 13mm linings, and are made to suit door sizes 1980 high and 610 to 910 wide.

Our Standard Optimiser Cavity Sliders can be assembled in either 90mm Stud or 94mm Stud. Our stock standard sizes range to suit door sizes 1980h and 610-910 wide. They can be made with Flat pine or Grooved Pine Jambs to suit 10mm or 13mm Gib Linings. 


*NEW* Optimiser PLUS Cavity Slider 

The Optimiser PLUS Cavity is a modification of our popular Triumph track that allows a device to be fitted that will gently close your door against the closing jamb with no more slamming. (Optimiser PLUS Cavity Instructions)


We can custom make Cavities to suit the customers requirements. Some of the special options are:

  • Options available:
    • Single (Horiz. section, Vert. Section)
    • Double
    • Dual (Horiz. section, Vert. Section) 
    • Triple (Horiz. section,  Vert. Section)
  • 68kg Triumph, 100kg Trojan Track, 220kg Allweather Cavity Track.
  • 90mm, 94mm, 140mm and 190mm Stud option
  • Clear Pine Jambs 
  • 18mm Grooved Pine Jambs
  • Square Stop (Horiz. section,  Vert. Section)
  • Negative Detail Jambs (Horiz. section,  Vert. Section)
  • Natural Anodised or Powdercoated Aluminium Jambs (Horiz. section,  Vert. Section)
  • Wider Jambs on either side to accomadate Tiled walls etc.
  • Corner Meeting Cavities
  • Full Height Detail without Nu-Look Brackets (16mm Gap between top of door and ceiling Gib)           
  • Full Height Detail with Nu-Look Brackets (6mm Gap between top of door and ceiling Gib)                 
  • Monaco Frameless Glass Cavity Slider
  • Stabiline Frontstay for extra stability in overheight pockets
  • Can fit meranti Ply to one side of the pocket for example if there are tiles being placed on the wall